How to Turn the Azure Sentinel Security Baseline into a Project Plan

Ashwin, the individual who recently put together a tool for estimating EPS and GB Per Day for Azure Sentinel Costs, has developed a new tool that takes the Azure Security Benchmark and applies all the components to Azure Sentinel.

The Azure Security Benchmark is a set of guidelines and best practices for deploying and managing Azure services in a secure manner. Ashwin takes the guidance a step further and provides a wizard-based web tool that helps you develop the full task plan, complete with scheduling and your own team members for assignment. The results can be chart-based or you can download the task list to integrate it with your normal project processes for progress and reporting.

Another brilliant solution from Ashwin!

Check it out: Azure Security Baseliner (Azure Sentinel Edition) Beta – Version 0.5 (

For more information, see the walk-through:


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