How to Monitor the Azure Sentinel What’s New Docs Page with RSS

There’s a few ways to monitor for the new features that are in constant release for Azure Sentinel.

First off, you can watch the “What’s New” posts on the official Azure Sentinel blog and pick up the RSS feed from there.

Secondly, there’s (of course!) the Azure Sentinel weekly newsletter that delivers every Friday morning. Subscribe here: Azure Sentinel this Week | Revue (

Then, you can use the News & Guides section of the Azure Sentinel console. This is not the most reliable method as its not updated as quickly as the others.

What’s new, Betty Lou?

But, there’s also a super secret way to generate an RSS feed for the Microsoft Docs platform pages and in doing so can create an RSS feed for the What’s New in Azure Sentinel docs page.

Here’s the fully formed RSS feed for this page that you can plug into your favorite RSS reader to use:$filter=scopes%2Fany(t%3A%20t%20eq%20%27azure%20sentinel%20whats-new%27)

(Personally, I use FeedBro with Microsoft Edge.)

But, you can generate an RSS feed for any page in the Docs platform.

Do this…

[1] Locate the page for which you want to generate the RSS feed.

[2] Copy the URL path AFTER the country parameter (in this example: en-us).

Grab the important stuff

As you can see from the What’s new RSS feed I supplied above, the base RSS URL never changes (except for the locale information). Base RSS URL:$filter=scopes%2Fany(t%3A%20t%20eq%20%27

[3] At the end of the base RSS URL, attach the doc path separated into spaces, except include the URL encoded characters as shown. azure%20sentinel%20whats-new%27)

(%20 is a space and %27 is a period. Learn more about URL encoding: What is URL Encoding and How does it work? | URLEncoder)

So, the full URL is:$filter=scopes%2Fany(t%3A%20t%20eq%20%27azure%20sentinel%20whats-new%27)

See? Not so tough. You can create an RSS feed for any Docs page and monitor it yourself.


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