Azure Sentinel Notebooks Training Sessions

I’ll be honest here and admit it, when it comes to Azure Sentinel I’m a pro for just about everything EXCEPT Notebooks. I know how to kick them off and run through the automated hunting and investigation steps, but if I had to create my own to save the world, the world would be in a lot of hurt.

I’m not alone. The number of customers I’ve worked who have voiced similar concerns is clear evidence of this.

To that end, we are going down a path to provide some fresh learning through training sessions and proposing some other methods in the near future.

For now, though, if you’d like to get involved in these early training sessions and provide your feedback to ensure the training is aligned with what you need, read the following from our product team:

Azure Sentinel Notebooks Training Sessions-SIGN UP!

Jupyter Notebooks is a powerful tool and an integral part of Azure Sentinel’s toolkits. Many of customers have expressed interest in more trainings, so they can better understand the tool and apply it to improve their SOC workflows.

We are looking to better understand your needs and experience with notebooks, and how you would like to apply notebooks to accelerate and augment your threat hunting and investigation.

Please sign up for the training sessions by filling this short, 5-minutes survey:

And, P.S. I’m signing up, too! So, I hope to see you there!


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