Security Center Compliance Over Time Report Now in Public Preview

The Microsoft Security Center team has now released an integrated report that gives customers the ability to track compliance status over time. This is a valuable report to enable managers and workers to view continuing progress toward a compliant environment.

The Compliance Over Time workbook requires continuous export to export data to a Log Analytics workspace configured.

To configure:

  1. From Security Center’s sidebar, select Pricing & settings.
  2. Select the specific subscription for which you want to configure the data export.
  3. From the sidebar of the settings page for that subscription, select Continuous Export.
  4. Set the export targeted to Log Analytics workspace.
  5. Select the following data types: Regulatory compliance (Preview).
  6. From the export frequency options, select Streaming and Snapshots.
  7. Select Save.
Configure Continuous Export

If you’ve never configured the Continuous Export before, it can take a bit for the data for the report to be available. But, once available, customers can drill down into the data to view compliance status based on the different scopes.

The report is accessed from the Regulatory Compliance blade in the Security Center console.

Compliance over time workbook


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