How to Get the Network Security Dashboard for Security Center

There’s a new dashboard in town for Azure Security Center. This particular dashboard (workbook) contains the following:

  • Overview – a summary of all monitored network-related security components.
  • Public IPs & Exposed Ports – Public IP and Asset Types and Ports Exposed to the Internet
  • Network Security Services– DDoS Protection Plans, Azure Firewalls and Firewall Policies, Azure WAF Policies, and Network Security Groups
  • Internal Networking – Network Interfaces, Network Interfaces with Public IPs, VNet with DDoS Protection, Subnets and Peerings, Route Tables, and Private Links
  • Gateway/VPN services – Bastion Hosts, VPN Gateways, Virtual Network Gateways, and Express Route Circuits
  • Traffic Manager – Traffic Manager Profiles
  • Security Recommendations – presents all current unhealthy recommendations on Security Center which are network related

Its nice to have all of this combined in one location.

Deployment is easy.

Jump out to the following GitHub repo and deploy from there:

Use the Deploy to Azure option

Just make sure to choose the correct workspace to deploy the new Workbook to and it will install in less than a minute.

Once installed, you can find it in the Workbooks blade in Azure Security Center.

Access it from the Workbooks blade in Security Center


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