How to Create a Pie Chart Showing Threat Protection Signature Versions

If you’d like to get a sense of the versions for the threat protection signature files that are installed in your environment, here’s a quick KQL query to do that.

| project DeviceName, ThreatStatus, TenantId, ProtectionStatus, SignatureVersion, ScanDate, ProtectionStatusDetails
| summarize sig_count=count() by SignatureVersion
| render piechart by sig_count

This particular KQL query displays the result in a PIE chart like the following…

Who doesn’t love pie?

The most current version of this query will always be located in my GitHub repo at: SignatureVersionPie.txt

The ProtectionStatus table is available through the Antimalware Assessment, Security and Audit, SecurityCenter, and SecurityCenterFree solutions. Its supplied to us to use for Azure Sentinel by connecting any of these to the same Log Analytics workspace.

EXTRA: How to Add the Antimalware Assessment to Your Azure Sentinel Workspace


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