How to Subscribe to the Azure Security Center Wrap Newsletter

The Azure Sentinel newsletterexperiment” I started a few months ago is a confirmed success. Its become a wildly popular weekly Inbox insert for many and the subscriber growth is still steadily increasing. And, for those that don’t care for yet another newsletter, there’s also a huge following for direct access through the social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Shortly after the creation and weeks of delivery of the Azure Sentinel newsletter, community members, folks at Microsoft, and others suggested that a similar newsletter, but for Azure Security Center, would be welcome. We’re now nearing the upcoming fourth delivery of this new newsletter and the response couldn’t be more positive.

We do have a product group created and delivered newsletter for Azure Security Center. If you’re not receiving this one, you should. The one from the product group delivers monthly and represents all the new and updated stuff that Microsoft feels is important for you to know. It delivers the first Monday of every month. Sign-up for that one here:

There’s a distinct difference, though, between the one from the product group and this new one. The new one is community-driven and community focused. The content you see in the Azure Security Center Wrap is information combined from the product group and the community (customers, Microsoft bloggers, and partners).

Truth told, the Azure Security Center content isn’t as vast or as continuous as Azure Sentinel (there’s reasons for this which I might talk about someday) right now, so this newsletter delivers on a bi-weekly basis instead of weekly like the Azure Sentinel edition.

Subscribe to the Azure Security Center Wrap:

Here we go…


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