Monitoring What’s New for Microsoft Sentinel Using RSS

A while back I posted a method to capture an RSS link from our Docs platform to monitor when the “What’s New” page had changed. Since then, that method has changed – or, rather, the support for that method in our Docs platform has changed.

A colleague and myself have been scrambling to figure out another method until we can convince the Docs team to fully support RSS.

The result is the following: Docs Notifications

The link above talks about the procedure for Configuration Manager but it also works for Microsoft Sentinel. For our purposes…

[1] Use the Docs search page: Search all across Microsoft Docs

[2] Use the search string (with the quotation marks): “This article lists recent features added for Microsoft Sentinel“. The quotation marks are important. Without them the search function will search for ALL words in the string and produce thousands of results.

Don’t forget the quotes!

[3] At the bottom right of the results page, grab the RSS feed.

RSS success!

For those that just want the RSS feed:”This+article+lists+recent+features+added+for+Microsoft+Sentinel”&locale=en-us&facet=

This RSS link is for the US version (locale=en-us). If you’re in a different locale, please run through the instructions to get your specific RSS URL.

There are services on the web that can generate RSS feeds for monitoring almost any web page. If you want a better solution now, try something like which requires a monthly subscription (Premium $8/month, Developer $16/month, and Pro at $83/month). Just be careful going down this road, as many of the RSS feed generators are notorious for spyware and other nefarious things.


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