And now…the Must Learn KQL Video series!

Imagine my surprise how popular and far-reaching the Must Learn KQL education series has gotten. I started a blog series about something I knew was important and just hoped -HOPED- someone else would also understand the importance. It’s truly taken on a life of itself.

I’ve been invited to speak about it several times already and am always happy to do it (hint, hint – for anyone else that has an open speaking slot). I hear from folks daily how it’s transforming their approach to Azure, Azure services, and our security products.

As I stated in a podcast presentation this week, KQL is Life.

But KQL is not driven by me. My goal is to help educate a necessary topic. This query language has been unintentionally designed to drive community because of how simple it is to create and share.

So, it’s my absolute thrill to announce the Must Learn KQL YouTube series.

This series has been created by a colleague of mine, David Hall. He has a couple parts up already and is planning to supply follow-along video and commentary for the entire series. I highly recommend checking it out.

But isn’t that extra cool? The book is being turned into a movie!


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