Introducing a New Series Called Security Rodcasts

Customers are inundated with the ever-flowing stream of updates to all of our services and products. I know it’s hard to keep up, and it’s even harder to commit time to learn about all the new stuff.

I’ve mulled for a time how to deliver bite-sized nuggets of Microsoft Security information in a way that doesn’t cost an entire day. So, I’ve finally determined the best, easiest way is to deliver short videos with very specific attributes. Each video will be under 2 minutes. Each video will cover a single topic, including tips, tricks, and coverage of new features that you really need to know about.

I went down a few different routes trying to name the series and after getting many of them kicked back each time, I finally decided that I couldn’t go wrong using my own name in the series title: Security Rodcasts

Today, I’m launching this new series. The first episode is 41 seconds. Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for future episodes. Hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn with your feedback.

Each episode will premiere on YouTube but will also be available on TikTok.

Keeping Your Microsoft Sentinel Solutions Updated

There are so many continuous updates to so many things in Microsoft Sentinel it can be difficult to know what’s available. Use this security nugget to know when installed Solutions have updates to apply.


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