SC-100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect Gets a Learning Path

For those of us that took the SC-100 beta exam, there’s a strong indicator today that the exam results could show up soon.

That indicator is a new SC-100 Learn path. The Learn path is a set of modules that are repurposed from other exams, but it’s a Learn path, nonetheless.

The following is the list of repurposed modules which equal, roughly, 31 hours of preparation content:

  • AZ-500 part-1: Manage Identity and Access – 5 Modules (6 hr 35 min)
  • AZ-500 part-2: Implement platform protection – 4 Modules (6 hr 2 min)
  • AZ-500 part-3: Secure your data and applications – 4 Modules (5 hr 35 min)
  • SC-200: Mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – 10 Modules (6 hr 42 min)
  • SC-200: Mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender for Cloud – 5 modules (3 hr 56 min)
  • SC-200: Configure your Microsoft Sentinel environment – 5 Modules (1 hr 54 min)

The Learn path is available at the bottom of the exam information page:

Personally, I’ve taken and passed both AZ-500 and SC-200, so I’m crossing my fingers that my own SC-100 results will come back positive.


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