Must Learn KQL Now Available from Amazon

The Must Learn KQL series has been a success with over 700 completion certificates delivered so far and many thousands more who have gone through the course or still progressing through. I fully expect to see over 1,000 certificates delivered soon.

And this has all been through just word of mouth and focused directly on GitHub and my own blog.

The message is this: Learning KQL is a necessary cloud skill. (Hence, why the series is called MUST Learn KQL. 🙂 )

Whether you are an engineer or developer looking through data to find performance metrics, a data scientist or statistician needing to view trends, tasked with managing and reporting on the company’s assets, or a security analyst digging through logs to surface potential vulnerabilities and exposure, KQL is

It’s also a simple query language to learn, just exactly as the Must Learn KQL learning series professes.

And even though it might seem the reach for the message has been adequately widely distributed, this message needs to be delivered to an even bigger audience. To reach that bigger audience Must Learn KQL is now available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover versions on!

Kindle version:



And I’m happy to say that the Amazon book is a number 1 new release!

A couple quick, additional notes here…

When publishing on Amazon, you are required to enter a dollar value (or I would’ve made the Kindle version free), that is based on Amazon making at least a little money off of it. So, I kept the values as low as possible to supply Amazon it’s processing fees, but also meet Amazon’s recommendations for global distribution. So, like everything as part of this learning series, any and all profit goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Kindle version is $1.99 US and the paperback version is $11.11 US. These prices were no brainers as they were the lowest acceptable prices. The hardcover version is $12.12. Why this price? My wife’s birthday is December 12th (12/12) and was also one of the lowest suggested prices. So, if you buy the hardcover version, you’re giving homage to my wonderful wife. Thanks, and I’ll let her know! 🙂

Must Learn KQL book cover

P.S. If our paths cross at an upcoming conference, user group meeting, or meetup, bring your physical copy of the book along. I’d be happy to sign it and discuss KQL.


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