Must Learn KQL Updates – July 22, 2022

Thanks to the power of using DevOps for publishing, the Must Learn KQL series and its artifacts can stay fresh and constantly up to date.

I mentioned on Twitter and other social media places over the last week that the entire series has been updated. So, I wanted to set that message in stone by also providing the same communication here.

Here’s what’s updated this past week…

Series Updates

  1. Due to some DNS issues all links in all chapters were updated. (See the TOC for links to all chapters).
  2. There were also some minor changes in the content and images. Again, thanks to using DevOps for publishing, these changes were suggested through the Issues option on GitHub.

Due to the types of changes, this required updating of the various electronic and physical copies of the series.

  1. The free, downloadable (PDF) eBook is now at version 4.0:
  2. The Kindle version ( has been updated and automatically deployed to those that purchased it.
  3. Both the Paperback ( and Hardcover ( versions have been updated. Only new purchases will get the updated version. However, the changes were really about links, which can’t be accessed by physical copies anyway.

Community Updates

Must Learn KQL has always taken on a life of its own. In addition to being a learning series, books, videos, merch store, etc., etc., a powerful community has been born from it. So, to match the enthusiasm, a new Discussion board has been created where folks can post ideas, ask and answer questions, participate in surveys and all the good stuff you’d expect from something like this.

You can jump directly to the Discussion board using this link:


Are you a Kindle Unlimited customer? If so, you can now read the Must Learn KQL Kindle version for free!

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Lending Service

Another cool feature for Must Learn KQL Kindle version is that you can Loan it to someone once you’ve finished it. I know many of you keep it on-hand for reference, but you don’t need it forever, nor do you need it constantly. Please, don’t hesitate to share it with others that need it!

Read about how to lend Kindle books to others:

Loan your copy to someone who needs it

Give the Gift of KQL to a Colleague or an Entire Team

I was approached by several folks both internal to Microsoft and external partners who deliver workshops where KQL is covered to some extent. They wanted to be able to get the Must Learn KQL series into the hands of workshop attendees easily and quickly without forcing participants to go download and store the PDF. Plus, it makes great workshop SWAG along with anything from the merch store.

On the Kindle version page, you can now Buy for Others.

KQL for all!


If for some reason you didn’t get your updated Kindle version, you can manually update it by going into your Amazon digital content and devices and choose the “Update Available” link to initiate the update.

Update manually

Thanks so much to everyone for being so interested and invested in learning KQL. KQL is an important – almost critical – thing to learn. Many of you who have gone through the Must Learn KQL series see that. You all are visionary.


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