Set up enrollment notifications

Microsoft recently made enrollment notifications available as a Public Preview in Intune. You can create custom notification messages as push notifications and/or email notification when a user enrolls a new device and include information in the notification about how to report an unrecognized device.

Note. Push notifications will appear in the Company Portal and email will be sent to the users mailbox.

Enrollment notifications work on devices running:

  • Android
  • iOS/iPadOS
  • macOS
  • Windows 10/11

In this blog we will look at how to create these notifications and the end user experience.

Set up Enrollment Notifications

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  2. Go to Devices > Enroll device and select the platform you’re creating notifications for. Your options:
  • Windows enrollment
  • Apple enrollment
  • Android enrollment

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Depending on the platform that you select you will have different selections available.

  • For Apple you will have iOS Notifications and MacOS Notifications.
  • For Android you will have Android Enterprise Notifications and Android device administrator Notifications
  1. Click Create notification.
  2. Provide a Name and Description for the enrolment notification and click Next.

In the Notification Settings configure your desired Push Notification and Email Notification.

You have various option to customise the email Notification such as

  • Show company logo: Flip the switch On to make your organization’s logo visible in the email header. This option becomes available after you’ve configured Company Portal branding in your tenant.
  • Show device details: Flip the switch On to make the following device details visible in the footer of the email:
    • Device name
    • Model
    • OS
    • OS version
    • Serial number
  • Show company name: Flip the switch On to make your organization’s name visible in the footer of the email. The tenant value is automatically populated.
  • Show contact information: Flip the switch On to show your organization’s contact information. The tenant value is automatically populated.
  • Show Company portal website link: Flip the switch On to show a link to the Company Portal website. The tenant value is automatically populated.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Assign a Scope Tag if required and click Next.
  3. Assign the Enrollment Notification to the users or groups that would need to receive the notifications and click Next.
  4. On the Review page click Create.

End User Experience

Email Notification Example:

Push Notification Example