Disable Server Manager automatic startup

I have logged onto my Windows Server many times only having to wait for Server Manager to finish loading when I log onto the server. I mostly log onto my server wanting to complete a specific task that does not require Server Manager thus it effectively becomes annoying having to wait.

In this blog I will show you how to disable automatic startup of Server Manager and save you some time if you are in a similar position as me.

Server Manager Properties

Startup setting can be managed using Server Manager Properties. Wait for Server Manager to complete loading. Select Manage top right of the screen, then select Server Manager Properties.

From the Server Manager Properties, you can select how often the data gets refreshed automatically. The option we are looking for is Do not start Server Manager automatically during logon.

Once you have selected this option, Server Manager will not open every time you logon to the server. You can now open Server Manager as required and save some time during logon.


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