Azure Security Data Event Collection

This blog is focused on what Azure Security service is authoritative for managing the event collection settings. The two ways of selecting security events in Azure are Security center and Azure Sentinel, so what i discovered was event collection could be managed from either Sentinel or Security settings, and the chosen authoritative service would then … Continue reading Azure Security Data Event Collection

SCOM 2019 Agent Installation Error

While providing support at a customer, I encountered a strange issue with the SCOM agent installations as shown below: Upon investigation the findings were as follows: The usual workaround is to delete the following  three Registry Entries: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\Microsoft Monitoring Agent ID (D996D247BE65CC940AA413D70EF113DC)HKEY_LOCAL_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations ManagerHKEY_LOCAL_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\System Center Operations Manager Usually after deleting the above entries the installation … Continue reading SCOM 2019 Agent Installation Error