The crazy IMPACT of the Data Lake

When we began building the security data lake solution, we had no idea that this solution would evolve and meet so many important needs for the enterprise. Most importantly, we found the solution is changing the way we approach security engineering. We didn't anticipate that we would be able to bring together multiple IT silos … Continue reading The crazy IMPACT of the Data Lake

What to bring to the Data Lake?

“Yes – it’s more than bathing suit” Security engineering teams need to develop new skills to provide their security analysts with the necessary depth of data and analytics to perform their jobs effectively. Analysts require this data to be readily available in the SIEM during an incident. We must reduce the speed of triage to … Continue reading What to bring to the Data Lake?

Will your SIEM survive?

“The rise of data and the security data lake” There is a long-standing problem in cybersecurity. There is the ever increasing need to log more sources to provide needed visibility to detect threat activity. The need to ingest raw logs has created an ingestion problem. The SIEM was supposed to be the ultimate solution to … Continue reading Will your SIEM survive?

What is Microsoft StreamInsight?

Introduction AS I was attending on of the sessions I found an Interesting Microsoft Tool called "Microsoft StreamInsight", so I decided to write this post to provide more information about it and provide general guidelines on it.   What is Microsoft StreamInsight? Microsoft StreamInsight™ is a powerful platform that you can use to develop and deploy complex … Continue reading What is Microsoft StreamInsight?