Microsoft Sentinel Community Resources

Want to skip my intro and get straight to the resources? Look just below…

Those that know me, know that I’ve had a very blessed professional career. As part of that, I’ve created, developed, and run some very significant communities over the past 20-plus years. I am a community person through-and-through, and as such, am always on the lookout for ways to foster customers’ efforts to create and maintain technical communities both online and in-person.

Early in my career, I was lucky to be part of a very rich and active community – one that completely fulfilled and excited me. I thought that was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I was wrong. Microsoft Sentinel, due to how it has been developed around openness and sharing through GitHub, KQL, Logic Apps, and other mechanisms feels very much like those early days of those early communities that I had been associated with. And, that makes me very happy. And, it’s great to be part of it again.

There are a few communities available already – both official and unofficial. I recommend getting involved early. Through your participation we all become smarter and better equipped to use Microsoft Sentinel.

Listed below are a number of resources that I know about that are available for Microsoft Sentinel customers with which to participate, collaborate, contribute, and seek peer support. Feel free to congregate where you feel most comfortable. I tend to monitor each one of them so you might also find me there.

Also, note that some of these are “shortlinks.” Like many of our customers it drives me nuts when I see a PowerPoint slide with a URL that’s 2 miles long. The shortlinks below are the ones that I’ve created. Shortlinks make them more memorable.

P.S. Know of any others that should be here? Let me know on Twitter: @rodtrent

BTW: I’m also looking to highlight good blogs. Drop me a note on Twitter if you locate some great Azure Sentinel blog content and authors.