Join this Week’s Microsoft Security Insights Live Event for Hullabaloo, Shenanigans, and Roguery

This week, both regular hosts for the Microsoft Security Insights will be unavailable, so I’ve been asked to fill in to help co-host the podcast and Twitch stream. I’ll be joining my colleague Nathan Swift (@SwiftSolves).

The hope is that we’ll have a good time and learn some things – and of course, try not to muck things up too much so there’s still an audience when the regular hosts return.

Our guest this week will be Chris Boehm.

Chris is an Azure Sentinel Senior Program Manager for the Customer Experience Engineering Team. He’s based in Charlotte, NC with his wife and 3 dogs. Chris has promised to cover

Feel free to join live on Wednesday, March 17. The Twitch stream kicks off at 6pm EST.

I highly recommend the live Twitch stream if you can make it. It’s a great medium that allows you to interact with the entire show:

Twitch stream: MicrosoftSecurityInsights – Twitch

If you can’t make the live event, you can stop back by the podcast’s primary landing page to listen in later:

Podcast page: Microsoft Security Insights

P.S. We will be making a worldwide debut of something


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