How to Obtain a Completion Certificate for Azure Security Center Ninja Training

Many of the Microsoft Ninja trainings have completion certificates available after a brief knowledge measure and a passing score.

As of August 11th, this also goes for the Ninja training for Azure Security Center/Azure Defender.

The knowledge measure for ASC consists of 30 questions. I’ve taken it myself and am pretty happy to say I passed it the first time without any additional prep. You need 80% or 24 points to pass. I missed three questions. When I went back to review the ones I missed, I kicked myself a couple times as I shouldn’t have missed them.

Whew! I passed!

To get started, check out the ASC Ninja training at The link to the knowledge measure is located at the top of the page.

Once you pass, you’ll be able to request your certificate. It shows up within minutes to your inbox. It makes a nice addition to your list of certs and accomplishments on LinkedIn. This is not an “official” certification, but (as a tip) the effort looks good if you place the certificate image inline with your current work experience. See my LinkedIn profile for an example of how I do this. This shows a record of your impact and is useful for keeping track of your efforts for those annual awards discussions.

Dig it!

Looking for more Ninja training? For the full list see: All the Microsoft Ninja Training I Know About


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