Azure Security Data Lake

Harnessing The Power of Big Data Analytics and AI – Security’s Future

Welcome to the SOCAUTOMATORS series on building a Security Data Lake. This series of blog posts and accompanying videos will help you design your data lake and provide guidance on technically implementing the solution in Azure.

Many organizations need to harness the power of big data analytics and artificial intelligence that are quickly emerging in the security industry. This is a critical security capability. This solution will help you optimize the cost of log ingestion, preparing the way to log even more data sources. Our goal is to increase visibility and provide data that can be used both in threat analytics and for investigation by the security operations team. The series aims to meet the needs of managers, analysts, and data specialists. Please bookmark this page and come back often to check out our weekly posts as we help you mature your use of a Security Data Lake.

Series Posts

Visit our Github Repository for technical solutions, design diagrams, and supporting documentation.

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