Using the Microsoft Sentinel Cost Workbook

If you don’t regularly sift through Microsoft Sentinel Workbooks to find any new ones made available, you probably missed this one.

There’s a newer Workbook just for monitoring costs that I’m sure many Sentinel customers would appreciate. In addition to the normal costs for retention, ingestion, and logic apps it also provides an area to monitor the benefits from the Sentinel Offer that’s available for E5, A5, and G5 customers. Not familiar with this offer? See: The Short Takes Version of the updated Microsoft Sentinel Trial and Customer Benefit Offers

This Workbook is available directly in the console today.

As of the date of this blog post, the old naming of Azure Sentinel still exists in the Workbook page title, and the Sentinel Offer hasn’t been updated to reflect the changes on December 1st, but I’m sure those will be updated soon. Additionally, it doesn’t yet contain the content for the new Sentinel Offer, but should get an update soon, including all the new free data sources.


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